Travel Gadget – it’s “genius”

We fly a lot as we travel to various cruise ports. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting ready to board the ship and realize you left your phone, tablet, portable charger or book in the seat pocket on the plane. UGH! Chances are by the time you realize your mistake, you have left the terminal (most likely the airport all together), and the plane has already been turned around for the next flight. There is a very, VERY small percentage of items left on the plane that actually are reunited with their owner. You can basically kiss it good bye. Bummer.

When searching for a solution to this problem, we discovered a new product on the market. It’s by Genius Pack and it is called the High Altitude Flight Bag. Here’s a video to “see it in action.”

High Altitude Flight Bag by Genius Pack

High Altitude Flight Bag by Genius Pack

It comes in a variety of great colors.  We personally are anxiously awaiting for the black version to start shipping again, it was super popular. If you travel a lot, this is a great bag to keep your things all bundled up and easily accessible throughout your trip.  We also think it will be a great way to keep our chargers and tablet organized once we get on the ship as well.  You can order it here directly from Genius Pack for $58 (regularly $78).

Please like and share if you think this is a great bag.

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